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Brave New World Release

by Cryptic -

Brave New World, a new survival server with progression skills, 1.17 map generation, and a second special overworld will finally be releasing as part of the Staff hour this Monday at 2PM EDT.

Hope to see you there!

Moderator Applications

by Cryptic -

Moderator applications for Fall A have all been processed and emails sent out. If you applied for moderator and did not receive an email, please email so we can check it for you.

Winter Camp Week 1 Live Events

by BigBadBowie -

Welcome to Week 1 of Winter Camp!

Welcome to the orientation week of Winter Camp! I hope you all have a great time this winter!

Here is a list of the live events that are happening this week!

Movie Build Event: Elf

Tuesday 3PM EST

Minigame Event:

Wednesday 3PM EST

Wright Brothers Build Event:

Thursday 4PM EST

Deck the World:

London Decoration Build Event

Friday 3PM EST

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