Do you have what it takes to compete in the kitchen, Master Chef style?  Build a world class restaurant, develop your signature dish, advertise to draw a crowd, and critique your competition.  This fast paced course will put your culinary skills and creative writing to the test!

Do you have what it takes to compete on the stage of the Sydney Opera House?  Can you craft a piece of writing more valuable than diamond?  This exciting course will put your building skills and wordcrafting to the test!

Join us on an adventure through the literary genres of fable, play, and mystery!  Taking our inspiration from some of the best writers history has to offer, we will fine tune our own writing skills as we create dramatic and fanciful worlds for our readers to explore.  What better way to illustrate our creations than to build them out in Minecraft! If you are ready, we will film your play and share it with all of our friends on social media! Your first step towards becoming a star is right here with a World of Imagination.

Have you ever wanted to create your own Minecraft Adventure Map and see if your friends could solve it?  Here is your chance!  We will create an exciting plot, setting, and mystery, both on paper and in game.  Test out your concept on fellow students and get their reactions to fine tune your work!