Want to wow your family and Thanksgiving guests with your knowledge of this special holiday? Take a trip back in time and discover what Thanksgiving is and why we still celebrate it today. Learn who the Pilgrims were, what the Mayflower was, and how Americans celebrate Thanksgiving today. Then take part in our own Thanksgiving parade! How elaborate can you make your Thanksgiving float? The second half of this course has us taking a look at how the world celebrates the holiday season. We will begin by taking a look at Christmas traditions around the world – Does everyone eat turkey? What’s the deal with Christmas crackers? KFC for Christmas dinner – really? Then, we’ll move onto New Year and discover how different countries around the world welcome in the New Year.

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 A mysterious people in the dark of the past. The Romans called them barbarians and thought of them as savages, without culture. What did they believe in? What did they fear? What was their relationship with Rome, the world power. What have they left behind and what do we know of them? Who were the Germanic Tribes? All of these questions will be answered as you delve into this mysterious Norse Mythology course.