Warriors or gatherers?  Just what were the ancient people groups of North America?  Meet the ancient people of North America and then find out what happened when the French arrived in the French and Indian War. Was Pocahontas or Tecumseh a greater leader?  You decide as you study their life stories and the amazing contributions they made to the forming of civilization on this diverse continent.

Are you ready to fight as a mighty warrior in a land where warrior civilizations ruled?  Join the Maya, Aztec, and Inca people in their fight for dominance of the lush lands of South America.  Enjoy the rich taste of chocolate and find out why it was so important, but beware of the Conquistadors as they swarm your lands and try to end your civilizations for all of eternity!

Did you know that belonging to the GamED Academy Minecraft Server makes you part of a community? Do you have any responsibilities?  What are your rights? In this course you will discover the answers to these questions as you dig into what it means to be part of a community, including types of communities, community helpers, and transportation.  Roll up your sleeves and get ready to work for the GamED community!

Are you ready to be president of GamED Academy?  In this course you will get the chance to run for president as you learn more about the branches of government, local and state governments, presidents, voting, and symbols of the United States government.  Start thinking about how you will win the hearts and minds of the GamED academy students as you fight for the right to be named President of GamED!

What is geography?  By the end of this course you will be able to answer that question as you learn about land and landforms, and continents and oceans.  Then, it is time to explore as you  learn about maps and map making.  Use your new knowledge to hunt treasure in Minecraft and  save yourself from becoming hopelessly lost.  Will you find Ms. Jody’s lost jewels?

The United State’s early beginnings were full of drama and war. Communication and transportation advancements dramatically changed the face of western expansion and scientific invention changed the way we lived our daily lives. In this course you will imagine life without electricity. You will live through wars and marvel and inventions that are inconceivable to your pioneer mind. Join us for this walk through history.

With the success of early colonization and the flow of the columbian exchange, the United states was set up for a golden age. We called this age the Roaring Twenties and it was amazing. Unfortunately, golden ages don’t last and the depression plunged the country into despair. In this course you will join us on this rollercoaster journey through some of the best and worst times of the United States.

Have you ever heard of Mesoamerica and the Agricultural Revolution?  In this class you will turn back the hands of time to the start of large civilizations and witness the first steps humans took towards science and invention.  Discover the early Sumerians and the Ottoman Empire in this fast paced course and come prepared to do battle against invaders!

Ancient Greece was home to amazing culture and traditions.  The Greek Gods were fearsome to behold. Moving on to Egypt you will find some amazing structures such as the Great Pyramid at Giza. Sadly, when the Middle Ages arrived, much of this glamor and splendor was lost.  Journey through the rise and fall of these great empires in this course and then find out how the darkness of the Middle Ages cloaked it all.

Have you ever tried to build in the Ancient Chinese style?  In this course you will learn how to create these amazing structures.  Through the study of Ancient Chinese Dynasties, the Silk Road, and the Great Wall you will put your building skills to the test. At the end you will visit the amazing Terra Cotta Army and formulate your own opinions on what this giant earthen army was created for.  Don’t miss this chance to let your Minecraft skills shine.